Attracting Zoo Plankton Catches Fish! Underwater Fishing Lights Details Here!
by: Mark Fleagle

Night fishing for any species of fish can be very rewarding and exciting. However, there is some specialized night fishing equipment you will need to have to be successful. We are going to talk about the use of night fishing lights today.

Some of the more common types of night fishing lights that are available on the market today are a variety of different 12 volt fishing lights such as underwater fishing lights, and floating fishing lights, which both have very important purposes.

Underwater 12 volt fishing lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but the most common size is the 4ft fishing light. They also come with different colors and power ratings. The best underwater fishing lights will have a wattage rating of 25-40 and generate about 1000 to 3000 lumens. The illumination color that seems to work the best is green. These lights are important because they are necessary to attract zoo plankton. You are probably asking yourself "what is so important about attracting zoo plankton" Well the answer to that question is very simple. Attracting zoo plankton will attract bait fish close to the area you are fishing. If you know anything about the food chain of most game fish, (which I know you do or you wouldn't be reading this page now) bait fish are the primary food source of the most of the game fish you will be targeting at night. If you can put a submerged fishing light under the water and start catching fish, well that's a no brainer! Of course you will do it. If you are like me, any tool that can help you catch more fish, id going to be part of my fishing equipment, and night fishing lights are important.

Floating fishing lights have a similar purpose to the underwater fishing lights. A floating fishing light will attract and concentrate bait fish that are coming to the area. Game fill will also be attracted to the lights. Game fish will normally lay in waiting just outside the beams rays of both the floating fishing lights and the underwater fishing lights, waiting for unsuspecting bait fish to wonder outside of the beams rays, or often they will dart in and catch a bait fish and dart back out to there hiding area. Many times the bait fish do not even suspect that the game fish are even around. Floating fishing lights are also classified as 12 volt fishing lights, and can be powered by any 12 volt battery source. My personal preference is to use a car battery. I power both my floating fishing lights and my underwater fishing lights from this power source. A fully charged car battery will last me a full last me all night. I than recharge the battery when I go home. Both underwater fishing lights and floating fishing lights normally come with alligator clips and makes hooking them to the power source very simple.

If you want to have a exciting fishing experience you need to try night fishing. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many fish you can catch. Also if you want very little fishing pressure you will love night fish.

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