(Afteronotus albsfrons)

Fish Black Ghost (Afteronotus albifrons, Linneaus) is one type of ornamental fish that have the potential business opportunities. This type of fish is not known by many people but currently some ornamental fish produce commodities seedlings as both local and export.

"Black Ghost" comes from the Amazon River, South America is a peacemaker fish, which measured 50 cm can be reached. Her body thin and lengthwise with the body color black. Fish is classified into the fish knife (knife fishes), because the overall body shape resembles a knife out of the head and body and then melancip the stomach.
Terms of water quality media for the desired fish, namely the Black Ghost "Soft"
(software) and tends to sour, however Black Ghost relatively can live in conditions of the water varies. Black Ghost also choose a certain type of food, can eat dry feed, frozen food and life, however prefer if given feed worms hair.

Facilities and materials necessary to produce fish Black Ghost is:
A. Vessel maintenance and equipment
Aquarium-size (40 X 40 X 80) cm, as a parent and maintenance of the place where spawning completed with The egg form of a plastic tray filled with stones, or tree fern stems.
Aquarium-size (60 X 40 X 40) cm, as the hatchery eggs.
Installing the form of Aeration-blower, and the lapse Aeration Aeration stones.
Other equipment, such as water hose to change, net scope and equipment cleaning aquarium (brush, and others).

B. Feed
Blood-worm used as feed parent.
Worms-hair used as feed the fish start ± 2 weeks of age to adults.
-Artemia, which is used to feed flyblow.

Operational activities include maintaining and prospective parent, spawning, hatching eggs and treatment and flyblow and enlarging.

A. Maintenance Association
Differences in male and female adult fish can be seen particularly from long dagunya (distance between the tip of the mouth closed with gills). In male fish, dagunya relatively longer than the female fish. Milter relatively slim compared with the female fish that have the form of a bloated stomach.

In the adult male parent, there is a white liquid (sperm) when ordered the operation. Ghost Master Black baked eggs can bemmur after about one year with ± 15 cm long.
Master male and female are kept in a container the size of the form aquarium (80 X 40 X 50) cm, with the installation of Aeration with a feed blood worms provided with the frequency of 3 times per day in adlibitum. Substitution of water must be done each day for throwing. dirt-dirt found in the aquarium and maintain the basic quality of the media maintenance.

B. Spawning
Spawning is done en masse in the aquarium at the same time as maintaining a place. Comparison of male and female parent is 2: 1. In the spawning container, placed a plastic tray-sized (30 X 20 X 7) cm, filled with stones as The egg and place on the middle tray closed with a perforated tray (20 X 15 X 10) cm to pemangsaan protect the eggs from the mainland itself. For aquarium size (80 X 60 X 50) cm can be maintained 10 heads female parent and at least 5 male tail.
Environment and maintenance of spawning fish Black Ghost is usually relatively dark, and fish memijah on this night. Towards the rising sun, where the eggs form The balance must be immediately taken and transferred to the hatchery, to avoid sweeping eggs by the mainland. Eggs are harvested from the tray pemiiahan ± 200 eggs / day.

C. Hatching Egg and Care flyblow
Hatching eggs done in the aquarium and will hatch on the third day. Food starts to form nauplii artemia given on the day to 10 after hatching, and then the hair worms adiibitum.

D. The Enlarging
Activities undertaken after the flyblow can eat worms hair, namely ± age of 2 weeks, until the fish reach the size of ± 1 inch long with the maintenance of 1 to 15 months while the enlargement of the fish Black Ghost done to reach commercial size, the s 2 / 3 inch. Platform that can be used or aquarium with tanks of spreading density 2's tail 5 / liter. Feed given during the worms is the maintenance of hair in adlibitum. Fish with Black Ghost 2 inch size can be achieved within 2 months while the 3 inch size can be achieved with a time of maintenance for three weeks. cleaned to remove dirt must be done each day so that the quality of the media remain intact.

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